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I meant to post this before now but this is my first day off in a while, someone at work quit so me and the whore have been having to work extra shifts until the boss can find someone new. Went to a fetish gig held locally last weekend, had a lot of fun. Freya went the first day and it was pretty tame, some hot people wearing hot clothes but aside from that nothing really that fascinating, I guess I'm kind of jaded because I work in a store that sells sex toys, everything they were showing off I had at least heard of before, even if we don't actually stock it. Speaking of which, the stocks were rather interesting, would love to have a guy in them so I could do whatever I wanted to him, heh. I was made aware of this get together by Brandy who comes into my work sometimes. She says she only browses if the other girl (That would be Debbie the slut) is working, then comes back and buys when I am working. She was there with her husband/girlfriend Carol who was wearing a schoolgirl outfit with his hands cuffed in front of him and a leash and dog collar, it was so hot I was getting just a little moist as they say.

The second day I found more interesting, although Freya decided she wasn't really interested in going back. There was a number of things going on, including a fundraiser for a charity called "living positive" for people who have HIV. They had two boys and two women there, for a five dollar donation you could either spank one or get spanked by one. Of course they were clothing, but still not bad. As I was waiting to spank the boy I commented that I would pay fifty bucks if the boy was wearing a skirt. Well the person running to booth thought that was a great idea and whisked the sub boy away for a few minutes. I don't know who they borrowed the skirt from but he was back 10 minutes later wearing a little red miniskirt over his jockey shorts. It was so hot lifting up his cute little skirt and beating his ass with a paddle, good thing he was clearly a genuine sub because they told the next person in line to go easier on him. But for the next ten or fifteen minutes anyone who wanted to spank him before he changed back had to pay twenty dollars. There were four other women who wanted to do so, and Brandy volunteered Carol to go for a round too. I swear that was the funniest thing I have ever seen, a guy dressed like a schoolgirl in a dog collar, spanking a guy who is dressed entirely like a guy, even had a goatee, but wearing a red miniskirt. That was the highlight of my weekend.

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Posted this in my own journal recently and decided to share it here.

One of my girls, Dawn, was celebrating her birthday on the 8th. We hit the clubs and had a good time, everyone got a little drunk, David (our DD) even had a few once we got back to Dawn's place after hitting a liquor store. We kept on partying into the night, I remember at one point finding a quiet corner with Freya and messing up our lipstick, which made Adam, Dawn's bf, happy. He spent much of the night bugging Dawn about what she was going to wear to our halloween party. Apparently she hadn't decided yet and he wanted her to wear a french maid outfit. So I suggested a little game, and by the time it began it was me, Angie and Dawn playing against Adam, David and Dawn's bro Kennedy. The game was simple. One boy did something, then the girls had to do it. One girl does something, then the boys had to do it. Anyone who can not is eliminated. Anyone still in takes a shot of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. Next round continues with a different boy and girl leading the rest, when one team is eliminated they lose and forfeit their choice of halloween costume to the winners. The first few rounds eliminated One from each side, Angie couldn't stand on one leg after a shot with the heels she was wearing, and Adam refused to do a girlie clap and hug the nearest person of the same gender. Then it came to my second turn. I enlisted Bruce, who recently got married to his long time bf Abe, as an impartial assistant to both teams. Bent my knees like I was sitting down and put my back against a wall. I then had Bruce hand me the little television from Dawn's bedroom. Then I stood up. If anyone has ever heard about this particular trick you know the diference in hip structure and center of balance between the genders makes this a simple trick for women but boys can not do it. So we won!

Tues morning the six of us and a few other stragglers, including Freya hit a local costume shop to see what they had left. All of us girls had fun, I don't think they boys enjoyed themselves as much. We must have given them half the costumes in the store to try on and then show off for us. Dawn did agree to wear the Maid Outfit but so is Adam. Angie cast David as a Roman Gladiator and then I got to decide Kennedy's costume. So many things I could have chosen. I was sorely tempted to give him Snow White but I eventually decided on something a little more Elegant
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A boy in a skirt is still a boy

Well I am officially baned for a month at the bar where I met Freya. I was there Friday night, it was packed. Now, being a GLTB bar there are always a few trannies there. Usually I think it's kind of cute. Not hot like an unwilling male being dressed, or a self-conscious boy doing it for halloween, but still kind of cute. Freya couldn't make it so I'm just having a couple cold ones, dancing. If anyone flirts with me I'll lightly flirt back but nothing serious. At one point I'm sitting enjoying my beer, amusing how at a GLBT bar the women mostly order beer and the boys order more coolers and "girlie" drinks.

There's a tranny sitting not too far away from me wearing a plaid mini-skirt a white shirt knotted under his padded bra, and those rediculous heels that are like 7" with the platform on them. So as we're sitting there a girl walks by, a little on the plump side but still pretty cute. This Trannie in the slut outfit goes "mooo." as she walks past. At first I think I must have misheard it, until his companion, another trannie dressed more conservatively, starts laughing. I sit there and try to go back to my drink, but every time a woman walks by this fucking asshole makes some obnoxious comment, either insulting their figure, their outfit, or just them in general, and each time his companion guffaws at the so-called-wit or says something along the lines of "That outfit would look better on you". Eventually "mooo" girl comes back with a really hot girl, I think they look kind of cute together, but of course school-slut has to make a comment.

"She should ditch the porkchop and come be with someone as hot as she is." or something like that. I guess the chubby girl heard him because she looks back at him and he has the nerve to say, "What, no-one said the word cheeseburger." By this point I am pissed, Trannies usually say they are paying homage to the female identity, but this fucker is using it as just another way to mock us and ridicule us. So I get up, walk up to him, throw my beer in his face, prompting him to take a swing t me but in those stupid shoes he could exactly throw a real punch without losing his balance. I punched him across the side of his jaw. The long and the short of it is that the bouncers separated us, and called the police, we both agreed not to press charges when the police arrived. So now I have a $250 fine for fighting in public and am banned for a month from one of my fave bars.

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Got into an argument the other day with Angie, she doesn't like the fact that I refer to males of all ages as boys. The day I see one of them conduct themselves with courtesy, respect and dignity I will call him a man. I'm still waiting. boys are stupid, greedy, selfish bastards who can think no further than their own lust, be that actual sexual lust or the kind inspired by those throbbing dick replacements they buy when a simple car is all that is needed.

I was also reminded recently one thing I don't like about my work. A guy comes in wearing this disgusting shirt, the kind with some saying or another belittling women, trying to reduce us to nothing more than a showpiece, and he starts asking about movies with guys pissing on women. Fucking asshole! I so wanted to just fucking kick his nuts till they broke.

Had an interesting discussion the other day with a boy of religious devoting (something I don't have), we were talking about Adam and Eve and all that bullshit and he was saying how God made Adam, and then he made Eve from one of Adam's ribs. So I say, so basically God made Adam, and then released version 2.0 with all the problems of the original version fixed. Doesn't that make boys an obsolete model? He had nothing to say to that, it was fucking funny. Oh yeah, check out my new icon.

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Hey, my name is Sarah and I live in Colorado.

I love you guys for starting this community. Boys are stupid. I just dumped my last boyfriend awhile ago. I was talking to him on line, and he confessed that he had another girlfriend. I just sat there, too shocked to do anything. Then he kept telling me to yell at him like some idiot. I hadn't talked to him for long time until lasts night. He came crawling back. He said that he missed me and he feels really bad about breaking up. He told me how she dumped him and left him with nothing...I told him I'd think about taking him back. Should I?

He always pretends to cheat on me too, to see how 'gulible' I am. I always fall for his stupid sweet talk because I'm stupid. Now, I don't know what to do.

Please comment me back, someone.
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My ex-boyfirend and I have been broken up since Late March, and last night I finally managed to get him to be at home so I could pick up the things I had left there. I also brought back his shit that he had dumped on me. Of course when I get there he hadn't gathered my stuff up, so I had to go around looking for my things. I found one of my DVD's (in it's case) being used as a coaster for his drinks. While I was getting everything together I noticed a little pink clutch that definitely wasn't mine in the bathroom. We were dating more than half a year before I started leaving anything there and he already has some other bitch leaving her stuff less than 3 months after we broke up?

I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of acknowledging this though, that was exactly what he wanted, to parade it in my face that he was already seeing someone. Fucking bastard. I think tonight I'm gonna hit the club, but not my usual places. If he can get himself a new girlfriend this quick, so can I.

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Hi there. I'm new to this community just wanted to shout out to everyone here. You rock ladies, I love the idea behind this group, cause we all know boys suck. You may notice that I tend to use the term boy not man, because the only man is a woman. It doesn't matter how old they get, they're still just like little boys. A little bit about myself, I'm 25, bi, and recently single. My interest here is represented in the enjoyment I get from seeing boys humiliated, especially if they are embarrassing themselves for us. They call us the weaker sex but would any girl ever get roped into giving a guy a $500 ring so he'd agree to sit at home and let her pay all his bills? My favorite thing is embarrassing guys using the same stupid girly crap they invented to keep us servile. They invented Make-up, high heels, and pantyhose let THEM wear them.

A funny thing happened the a couple weeks ago. Me and some friends were out on the town, there was me, Angie, Dawn, David, and Dawn's boy Adam, having a good time at the bar. Adam was mooching drinks of Dawn all night, cause he's not working since he quit Petro-Can. We go back to Angie's and David, who was DD, drives home, but Adam doesn't take the hint and sticks around. He lives about 15 blocks from Angies and was fishing for cab fare. While he was in the bathroom we cooked up a plan. When he gets back Dawn is complaining about her feet, and I'm telling her she should have worn flats. Adam says something and we pretty much shoot him down saying he's got no idea what it's like walking in heels. Of course the little boy pride swells up at this point and we dare him to walk around the block wearing a pair of Angie's heels, she's got size 9 feet and we manage to find a pair that will squeeze onto his feet. By the time he gets back we're standing out on the balcony, we tell him we aren't letting him back in so he may as well just walk home and then we go back inside. I would have loved to have seen him stumbling drunk in heels home, that would have been hilarious. The next day he calls up Dawn and asks for his shoes back, no anger, no demanding, he just meekly asks, because he knows he was out smarted.

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Hello all...I just joined this community because I really think that the name is true.

I really loved this one guy....And I don't want to talk about it...That's all I can say right now.

But what I don't get is why guys lead you on and leave you there dangling, waiting to give us a command and obey them like a fool...It makes me so upset.


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