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SOME boys are spin heads

okay so... this is a "dying" community... no its not! its better than some other communities.. that have like 2 people in them.. i was super mad at my bf when i joined this tho.. and now we are happy.. so im kinda not pissed at guys anymore.. but i am pissed at my EX bf... because he just broke up with his gf.. and he told me he loved ME like WTF is that!? its like he wants me to dump my bf and go for him.. i dont think so! so screw him.. and i was inlove with him for the past oouple years.. but iam with my new bf and we been together for a long time now... but if this was a movie or tv show... would jsut go back with my ex.. but im NOT so he pisses me off because he wants me to be iwth him....

hahaha i love the interest with "kicking imaginary garage doors" lol
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