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Hey, my name is Sarah and I live in Colorado.

I love you guys for starting this community. Boys are stupid. I just dumped my last boyfriend awhile ago. I was talking to him on line, and he confessed that he had another girlfriend. I just sat there, too shocked to do anything. Then he kept telling me to yell at him like some idiot. I hadn't talked to him for long time until lasts night. He came crawling back. He said that he missed me and he feels really bad about breaking up. He told me how she dumped him and left him with nothing...I told him I'd think about taking him back. Should I?

He always pretends to cheat on me too, to see how 'gulible' I am. I always fall for his stupid sweet talk because I'm stupid. Now, I don't know what to do.

Please comment me back, someone.
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